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Look for news below about program start up, Rabbits, fun races, an interview with the awesome Andrea Lee, and more!

Andrea Lee is off to the U23 World Championships. See interview below!

Program start up

This weekend our recreational programs begin. Here are some tips:

  • Check the Mount Washington snow reports and web cams.
  • Look for any events or road conditions on the Drive BC website.
  • Be sure to give yourself lots of extra time on the roads, in the parking lot, and in the lodge because it’s going to be busy.
  • Remember your season’s pass or trail pass.
  • Look for the bag storage area signs if you want to leave a bag in the lodge while you go out to ski. Keep the tables free.
  • Have fun!



The 2013 season starts in a couple of days – I hope all the Rabbits are excited!

There has been word from some parents that they found messages from their coaches in their spam folders, so if you haven’t yet received word from your coach, please look there. Group lists will be posted inside the doors at Raven lodge by 9:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

Although we do our best to place skiers in appropriate groups before the season starts, it is common for a few changes to occur after the first session, to ensure that everyone is in the group that is most appropriate for their age and ability. Any adjustments will be communicated to the affected families directly.

The first day can be a bit hectic with everyone trying to get gear and kids organized to start for 10am. Please leave yourself some extra time to help ensure everything goes smoothly. Signs for group meeting places will be posted by 9:45, and coaches will be ready to go at 10 am.

For all parents who have signed up for a volunteer position – thank you! For those of you who haven’t, please visit the Rabbit Volunteer page as soon as possible. We are especially in need of another playground assistant on Sunday, and there are many Sprint Race and Tourney positions available.

We are looking forward to a great season – can’t wait to get out there and have some fun!

Headhare Alix


Colouring contests

Attention Rabbits and Devos! Cross Country Canada is holding two colouring contests:

  • Rabbits can create a design for the new 2014 Rabbit toque. Find the details here.
  • Devos have the opportunity to design a new “Track Attack” Buff! See details here.



The Devos are preparing for Coast Cup #2 at the Whistler Olympic Park at Callaghan Valley on January 19th. Registration is now open on Zone 4. Please head over to, find the Coast Cup 2, and sign up. Families will be receiving an email from the coaches shortly with more details on logistics.

And thanks again to all the parents who brought the tasty dishes to our Devo potluck. It was a great way for kids and parents to get to know each other. We hope to have another one before we go to Midgets.

Hurray for CC Coaches!


Yay for coaches!

Last weekend, 20 coaches took part in two coaching workshops at Mount Washington. We hosted the Community Coaching (CC) workshop and the Learn to Train (L2T) workshop. Three cheers for the coaches for giving their time in the workshops and on the snow with kids this winter!

We would also like to thank Dana Manhard for coming all the way from Vernon to facilitate the CC course and to our Dave Battison for the L2T course.

Hurray for L2T Coaches!


Twoonie races

Join us on Sunday, January 27 at 1:00pm for the Poker Run Twoonie Race! Here’s how we play:
* Form a team of any number of people go to as many stations in 30 min as you can.
* At the first 5 stations you will receive a random playing card.
* Once you have 5 cards you can start trading cards at the next stations to form the best poker hand.

This Twoonie Race is part of the Strathcona Nordic Challenge, which consists of 8 races spread through the 2012/2013 season. Skiers will receive a point for each event they participate in. There will be awards for the skier or skiers with the most points in each of the usual race age categories. Awards will be given at the end of season banquet. Points will be given regardless of winning or losing, participating is the only requirement.

Look for the list of races on the bulletin board downstairs in the Raven Lodge.


BC Cup 2

This weekend, our Junior Racers and Masters Racers head off to the BC Cup #2 races in Kelowna. Best wishes to the racers, coaches, and support crew. Go team!

Andrea Lee

We caught up with the Strathcona Nordics Andrea Lee fresh from her win at the World U23 Trial races as she prepares to head to the U23 World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic. Andrea took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

How did the U23 trial races feel for you?
The races were great! I was really excited to race on the trails at Lappe (Thunder Bay, Ontario). We had done tons of summer and winter training on the trails, so I was really familiar with them. Heading into the races, I was very optimistic. After a tough set a pre Christmas races, I finally felt like I had my energy back, so I was excited to see how things turned out.

Did you know you’d won it when you crossed the finish line in the 15km Skiathlon?
Throughout the Skiathon, I knew where I was in relation to the other U23 girls pretty much the whole time. After the transition to skate, myself and one other U23 (Heidi) broke away from the rest of the U23′s. We stuck together for the duration of the skate leg, and coming up the final climb, I knew that all I needed to do was get to the line before Heidi, and I would have a ticket to Liberec. I was really hoping it wouldn’t come down to a sprint to the line because Heidi is one of the best sprinters in Canada. Luckily, I managed to get a couple seconds lead on her by the top of the final climb into the stadium, so I just sprinted as hard as I could in the final 100 meters in hope that she wouldn’t catch back up! Once I crossed the line, I knew that I was the top U23. It was a huge relief and extremely exciting at the same time!

Have you changed something in your training this year or is all the hard work paying off?
I haven’t made any drastic changes to my training this year. I think is just years of consistent training and hard work that is now starting to pay off.

How do you balance university and training?
For sure it’s tough to balance school and training. Because I have been doing both for the last couple years, I feel like I’ve now found a good balance and know what I can or cannot handle. Everything (including the university) in Thunder Bay is so close and accessible, so it makes squeezing in a couple classes between training sessions that much easier.

What are your thoughts as you head to Liberec, Czech Republic?
I’m very excited to head to Liberec. With this being my first time representing Canada (and Strathcona Nordics!) overseas, I know it will be a phenomenal experience. My goal is enjoy the experience, learn lots, and ski as fast as I can!

Anything else you’d like people on the North Island to know?
It feels so great to hear so many words of support and encouragement from people from the club and ski community on the Island. It’s extremely motivating to feel so much support even when I’m on the other side of the county. Thank you!

You can follow Andrea on the National Team Development Centre website.

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