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Look  for updates to this page for the new 2014-15 season at the end of the summer.

We are pleased to announce the CIBC Wood Gundy School XC Ski Program will be running again in 2014 thanks to the continued support of Rick Morson of CIBC Wood Gundy and his work with the CIBC Children’s Foundation, the Vancouver Island for Adaptive Snowsports, and Mount Washington Alpine Resort. This program takes thousands of local elementary students cross-country skiing each winter!

Read on for more information.  See the registration form at the bottom.


Who can participate?

The program is offered to students in Elementary School.


What’s the program all about?

This year, it consists of three 2-hour sessions. Lessons are taught by certified instructors. Students are taught safety and the basics of XC skiing in a fun atmosphere. Classic skiing is always taught, and depending on the group dynamics, sometimes Skate skiing is also taught.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to participate in the program. The more the merrier, but we must have a minimum of two adults per class plus one as a chaperone inside the ski lodge. The schools have the responsibility of assigning adult chaperones.


How to prepare for the ski days?

On our end, we provide in-school orientations for local schools and comprehensive packages for distance schools. We hope this might help students be better prepared and perhaps more excited to ski outside of our program on their own time.


Are subsidies available?

As always, we have set aside some money for financially disadvantaged students or schools. Please indicate your reasons for needing this assistance and to what degree assistance is required when filling in the form below. Note:  Subsidies are generally granted on a first come first serve basis until the budget is exhausted so please request assistance early.


Is there an adaptive program for students with disabilities?

VISAS are heavily involved again this year and strongly encourage all students to participate in this program. Please contact us to receive a letter from Sue Bloxome, the VISAS coordinator and our liaison.

Please note that aides may ski for free as part of the program and can be of great assistance to the VISAS instructor particularly in communication and discipline.

View the letter from VISAS here.



The cost for the program last year was $37.50 per participant  (which is only $12.50 per day for rentals, a lesson with a certified instructor, and the trail pass). This year, we anticipate the fees to be approximately $40. Again this year, we will be asking for a deposit at the time of booking, with the remainder due at program completion upon receiving our invoice. Our new program coordinator Lynda Magor will contact you with payment instructions when your program is confirmed.

Every year, when program balances are due, there are always schools that request to pay for only those students that attended so an explanation of how the program budget is laid out follows so that it is clear as to why we cannot honour these requests.

The price we set is below our operating costs, but we do our best to run a break even program, truly non-profit, and as such, we include in our budget a percentage of absenteeism. We charge a program rate as opposed to a per-visit rate, much like swim lessons or soccer but Mount Washington charges us per visit. Most parents are used to this because most other programs operate the same way. If we were to change this, our price per student would go up significantly – 15 to 20% – to accommodate all operating costs and the extra administration involved in keeping attendance records.

Heading off for a snowy adventure. Photo courtesy Andrew Pape-Salmon


Program Format 

This year, due to the way the school calendar falls (there are only 10 weeks of skiing available), the programs are 3 weeks long and begin the second week of January.  Contact Lynda if it is very important to you to have a 4-week program and she will do her best to accommodate where there are available time slots.

You will have six program options to choose from this year.

We are committed to running the program Tuesday through Thursday. School groups can choose Program 1, or 2, or 3 and choose to come up to Mt. Washington 3 times during that month on the same day of the week (Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday) and at the same time (morning or afternoon). School groups can also  choose a program format of consecutive days, Program 4, 5, or 6.  

Program 1 – January – Weeks beginning Jan 13, 20, and 27

Program 2 – February – Weeks beginning Feb 3, 10, and 17

Program 3 – March – Weeks beginning Feb 24, Mar 3, and 10

The exception to the format is school district days off or bad road conditions in which case every effort is made to make up the class on an available day.

We are also opening the invitation to schools outside of the Comox Valley and realize that some schools groups travelling greater distances can also choose a program format of consecutive days, Program 4, 5, or 6, if that is more suited to their needs



We are in communication with bus companies, and we hope to improve the scheduling and pricing for schools. Before you indicate in the form below if you would like us to arrange bussing for your school group– Please consider what your transportation budget will be for this season.

You will be asked for your budget in two formats – “your budget per student per visit” and “your overall transportation budget for the entire program (3 visits)”. Please fill out at least one of the two fields, preferably both. We are trying to negotiate with bus companies but they would like to have a clearer picture of the needs for the whole season before making a commitment. If we can be in line with your budget requirements or even better them, we will organize your bussing for you with School Board approved bus companies ONLY.

Please be prepared, however, to fall back to the usual format where schools are responsible for their own transportation. We will, of course, inform you as soon as we know which direction this season will take. Of course, you are free to organize your own transportation.

Teachers Resources

Here is a list of PDF resources for Teachers to use. Click on an item to view the PDF. Right-click (on a PC) or press Control and click (on a Mac) to download/save the PDF to your computer:

Letter to Schools

Letter  for Families


Teacher’s Checklist

VISAS Letter


Register soon to book your spot. Please use the form below. Please fill in all the relevant sections and scroll to the bottom of the form to find the SUBMIT button.

Any questions can be directed to Lynda Magor via email or phone 250.792.5330.

Look for the new registration form in September!


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