SNSC News — January 31, 2013

Look for news below about multiple contests, some great opportunities, a change in the equipment season rental program, and more!

Become a school program instructor and share the fun of cross-country skiing with kids who might not have an opportunity to ski! Details below.

Season rental change

There has been a change to the way Mount Washington does season rentals for Rabbits and Masters. Mount Washington needs to record the rental numbers every time now. You don’t need to sign the form, but they need the inventory numbers on the new form every time.

  1. When you come into rentals, you can skip the line for the first till and come to the second till.
  2. They will scan your season rental pass and it will print out a form with your sizes on it.
  3. Next, processed into rentals to get your skis, boots, and poles. (If there is a change to the sizes on your sheet, just let a rental staff person know.)
  4. If you would like to be helped by a staff member, please wait at the pink line.
  5. If no changes, you can get your own stuff, but give your form to a staff member with the inventory numbers on it before leaving the rentals area.

This process does take a few minutes, so keep that in mind.  If everyone shows up at 9:55, there will be a line up for people to get season rentals!

Thank you,
Rental Staff


School program

We need instructors for the Elementary School Program!! If you are interested, we have a CANSI course and honorariums of $25 per lesson or $50 per day.

The CANSI Level I Course happens this weekend on February 2 and 3 — so act now. Call or email Karla for details. 250.898.9087

There is also a Level II Course organized by Mount Washington for those that are interested. It will be running every second Friday morning with a weekend towards the end of the season. Please contact Karla if that interests you.

If the Feb 2/3 weekend is not convenient for Level I, then perhaps Friday mornings work, and we can cover your material as a Level I/II combined course?

Many options available for those that are interested, but we need to know who you are! Contact Karla for details. 250.898.9087


Our apologies to Luke Damery for missing his name last week. Luke came in second place out of about 10 skiers at the Teck Coast Cup 2 at Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley. Way to go, Luke!


Devo Coach Dave has created a fun video to capture the spirit of the Devo program! Check it out.

You could create a fun video of your program or skiing family and friends, upload it to YouTube, and share it with us too.

If you feel inspired, Cross Country Canada is holding a video contest, “Tell us why your club rocks!” — but don’t delay because the entry deadline is February 5. See details here.

Go team!

Best wishes for clear roads, fast skis, and happy times to our Junior and Masters Racers, Coaches, and support crew as they make the long trek to Prince George for the BC Championship races this weekend.

Strathcona Nordic Cup

You can view updated race information and point standings on the new Strathcona Nordic Cup webpage.

The next event in the series is a Twoonie race on Sunday, February 9. Join us at 1:00pm for a Team Sprint. Make your own team or let us find you a partner.

Teams of 2 will complete 6 laps of a sprint course, 3 laps each, in a relay format. Each team will be in a semi-final and then a final heat, so each skier will ski the course a total of 6 times.


Cross Country Canada wants your opinion! Fill in the anonymous survey and let them know how you feel about the future direction of the organization. Fill it in ASAP because the deadline is February 8. They say, “Every opinion counts!” Use this Survey link.

Volunteer at nationals

You may have heard that the 2013 Haywood Ski Nationals are taking place in our back yard (and during spring break) this year at Whistler Olympic Park from March 22 to 30. Our club will have a team of over 30 skiers participating in this big event, which will see over 650 skiers from across Canada vying for National honors.

To add to the excitement, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Nationals will also be taking place at the same time as Ski Nationals, so there is the added rare opportunity to also see some live ski jumping! This event includes the famous Canadian women as they prepare for their hard won Olympic debut in at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

In terms of numbers of athletes and events, the combined Nationals event will be bigger than the Olympics – without the expensive ticket prices and overlay – and this event is free to spectators! What better way to take in the event than to be part of it as a volunteer! For club officials, volunteering at a tier 1 event like this is a part of your development and certification requirements – so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

To sweeten the pot, the organising committee together with Whistler Olympic Park are offering a volunteer incentive program where you will earn reward vouchers for a variety of products and services, including retail items, ski waxing, lessons and trail passes at Whistler Olympic Park. These are transferable (to share with family and friends) and will be distributed in advance of the event based on the number of days you sign up to volunteer.

To register as a volunteer for the event or for more information please visit the volunteer section at the Nationals website.


If you are looking to buy, sell, trade, or recover gear–check out our Gear page on the website. There are many items listed on the page!

If you have postings on the gear page that are no longer relevant, please email us to have them taken down.


SNSC News — January 24, 2013

This week, we have all the latest news and opportunities for you below.


The Devos rocked the Coast Cup 2 in Whistler Olympic Park! See story below. photo: Tim McGrady

Twoonie race – poker run

This Sunday, join us for race #2 in the Strathcona Nordic Cup! Why is it called a “twoonie race”? – because it costs a twoonie to enter.

For the Poker Run this week, teams must consist of 2 or more skiers, any age, any skiing ability. If you don’t have a team – we can find you one. There will be 10 stations, and you will receive a playing card at each station. After you have 5 cards, you can go to other stations and trade a card in to try to get a better hand. You can only visit each station once. After 20 minutes the team with the best hand wins.

You will not be given a card at a station unless your whole team is present. For those who haven’t been to Vegas yet, a cheat sheet of the winning hands will be given out.

  • Sign up at the top of the Lodge stairs from noon until 1pm.
  • Race starts 1pm outside the waxing hut.
  • Last card given out at 1:20pm.
  • Finish and show of hands 1:30pm outside the waxing hut.

Read more about the Strathcona Cup races below.



Remember to be respectful of all Mount Washington’s Raven Lodge patrons by keeping the tables and floors clear in the lodge when you go out to ski. (Parents, please also remind your children.) Please neatly store your stuff in the baggage storage area at the front on the lodge. Additionally, please do not cover the floor vents by the windows with your gear and food bags.



We had another fantastic Rabbit weekend as skiers broke through the dismal fog to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps the inversion brought us. There were many happy faces and lots of outdoor picnickers, post session!

This weekend, look for Cross Country Canada goodies to be handed out by coaches. Skiers up to 9 years old (as of the end of this year) will receive a toque, designed by the colouring contest winner last year. (There is still time to enter this year’s contest).

Skiers 10 and up will get a “track attack” buff and still have a chance to design next year’s buff. This swag will be given to children whose families have already signed up for a volunteer position!  Please visit our volunteer form if you still haven’t signed up to help in some capacity.

Sunday at 1pm, there will be another fun Strathcona Nordic Challenge race – be sure to check it out!


Last Saturday, we caught up with Laura Battison and the Advanced Masters warming up in the Ponds area.


This weekend, we have a coaching refresher clinic on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. All club coaches of all levels and abilities are welcomed to come to this free, on-snow clinic to learn some new tips and tricks with Head Coach Dave Battison. It’s a good opportunity to query Coach Dave and your coaching comrades about technique and other coaching issues.


Gavin McPhail and the Level 4 Saturday Rabbits get 2-thumbs-up from Alec.

Suit up

Looking for some functional, stylish ski clothing for yourself or your children? This weekend, we have Louis Garneau training suits for sale at incredibly low prices in the Raven Lodge at lunch time.

We are still looking for a few parents to volunteer with this sale. Please contact Berend if you can spare an hour at lunchtime this weekend.


School instructors

Become a ski instructor with the school programs! The CANSI Level I course is approved to run on February 2 and 3. February 2nd will double as a refresher clinic. Contact Karla for details. or 250.898.9087


Adaptive ski day

Cross-country skiing can be enjoyed by people with many different abilities. On Saturday, February 16, VISAS and our club are holding a Learn to Nordic Ski Day for people with conditions such as Paraplegia  amputations, visual impairments, cerebral palsy , MS, brain injuries, and more. The aim of this clinic is to teach people with physical disabilities to nordic ski – either standing up or using a sit ski.

“This is a great opportunity to try this activity at little cost and in a supportive environment with volunteer instructors. Complete beginners and those with some experience are welcome,” says Sue.

For sit skiing, you must have reasonable upper body strength to be able to push yourself along in a sit ski. Wheelchair users must be able to transfer with minimal assistance. Sit skiing may also be appropriate for people who are not wheelchair-dependent, but whose mobility is limited by lower limb problems or balance.

Standing skiers must be able to stand and walk at least 400m with or without walking aids but without assistance from another person.

The cost is $20, which includes insurance, trail pass, equipment and instruction. To register and for more information, contact Sue Bloxsome The deadline for registration is Feb 11th.


VISAS participants and volunteers enjoy nordic skiing!

Go Andrea!

The Strathcona Nordics’ Andrea Lee races on Saturday in the Skiathlon event at the U23 World Ski Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic. All the best to Andrea from her home club!! You can follow the World Ski Championships on the official website.


Coast cup #2 – race report

Last weekend, a large team of our youngest ski racers enjoyed themselves at the Teck Coast Cup #2 race at Whistler Olympic Park. In addition to having a great time, the Devo team of 25+ racers also brought home a wealth of medals.

Head Devo wax technician Don Johnston worked his magic with a special and highly secret wax formula passed down through the ages from his Norwegian ancestors. Arriving early to the venue with his apprentices, Johnston worked under cover of darkness to apply the grip and glide waxes that gave his team that extra edge on the race course. When other teams were having to herringbone up the steep hills, the Strathcona Nordics were flying by in style.

Race conditions were near perfect at minus 5 under clear blue skies, and with Olympic memories at the venue still fresh, the young racers enjoyed skiing on the same tracks as elite racers did just a few short years ago. Whatever the reason, the Strathcona Nordics racers were clearly inspired.

First place finishers in the Atom, PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget age categories include Liam Bugslag, Hugo Henckel, Theo Lemay, and Emmy Stapff; Ben Prager took a second, and third place finishers were Kai McGrady, Matthew Salmon, Callam Barry, and Amelia Wells. Special mention goes to Sebastien Marcoux for his strong third place finish in the Masters Men category.

The Teck Coast Cup brings together seven of the coast region nordic ski clubs in an exciting regional four race series. After two races, our club currently has a lock on third place and we will make a determined run for top spot with the final two races of the series being held on home on March 9 and 10!


Teck coast cup #3 and #4

Our race organizers have been hard at work preparing for the third and fourth races in the Teck Coast Cup series. Our club is hosting these races on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. It is sure to be a fun weekend! If you are not going to race, consider volunteering! See the race notice for more details.

Racing team members are quite fond of the new truck. photo: Larry Reynolds


Ford bucks

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club can contact to receive a coupon and present it for a special discount when purchasing a vehicle from Westview Ford in Courtenay.

Strathcona nordic cup

It’s not too late to start collecting participation points, the skiers that participates in the most events in each age category will win an award at the end of year banquet.

More races to follow, mark your calendar:
3. Twoonie race Sun Feb 17th 1:00pm – Team sprint – Teams of 2 will complete 6 laps of a sprint course, 3 laps each, in a relay format. Each team will be in a semi-final then a final heat so each skier will ski the course a total of 6 times.
4. Twoonie race Sat Feb 9th 1:00pm – Timed ski – You tell us how long it will take you to ski a pre-determined course and we will time you. The predetermined courses will be posted 2 weeks ahead of the race.
5. Coast Cup #3 Sat March 9th 11:00am – Individual start free technique
6. Coast Cup #4 Sun March 10th 10:00am – Mass start classic technique
7. Twoonie race Sat March 16th 1:00pm – Skier cross – Crazy terrain and obstacles
8. Loppet Sat April 13th



SNSC News — January 17, 2013

At this time, we hope everyone is able to enjoy the best of the mountain, a chance to escape from the grey valley to the clear, sunny skies and snow up top! Look for news and opportunities below.

Eric Smiley and the Sunday level 3 Rabbits taking a break in the meadow.


Both Saturday and Sunday Rabbits had a wonderful first day, with lots of happy bunnies and rabbits skiing their hearts out! A huge thank you goes out to all the coaches for dedicating 10 weeks of their season to instilling the love of skiing in our children! A big thank you also to our ski playground crews – the playground looked like a lot of fun, and saw lots of use on both days! And finally, thank you to all the parents who got their children to the mountain, made sure they were dressed appropriately and had their gear ready all in time to meet their coaches and start skiing by 10! Amazing how it all comes together, really!

Parents play such a big part in making our season successful – we still need volunteers for our upcoming Becky Scott Sprint Races (Feb. 23/24) and for our final Tourney (Sat. March 23). Please visit the Rabbit Volunteer page if you can help out!

Remember to keep track of all the extra ski sessions outside of Rabbits, and to bring your booklets to your coaches for this year. Also, be sure to follow the Strathcona Nordic Challenge for super fun races – the next one is at 1 pm Sunday January 27th.

For the artists among us, Rabbits have the opportunity to design the 2014 toque – check it out here.

Submissions are accepted until March 1st!


School instructors

We need some instructors for the Elementary School Program! If you are interested, we have a CANSI course and an honorarium of $25 per lesson or $50 per day.

The CANSI Level I Course happens on the weekend of Feb 2/3 — so please express your interest now to secure your spot! This is a great opportunity to get a $300 course at a great value as the Wood Gundy Program will partially subsidize this course. The greater the commitment to teaching, the greater the subsidy! Please call or email Karla for details. 250.898.9087 Please visit or talk to me about what is involved.

There is also a Level II Course organized by Mount Washington for those that are interested. It will be running every second Friday morning with a weekend towards the end of the season. Please contact Karla if that interests you. If the Feb 2/3 weekend is not convenient for a Level I perhaps Friday mornings work and we can cover your material as a Level I/II combined course? Many options available for those that are interested but we need to know who you are! Contact Karla for details. 250.898.9087

VIMSS Grants

Congratulations to Jamie Wasteneys, Alec Stapff, and Avalon Wasteneys on their Vancouver Island Mountain Sport Society Grants (VIMSS) grants! For more information about VIMSS and their athlete funding program see their website.

Clothing sale

We are organizing another sale of the Louis Garneau suits on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of January from 12pm to 1pm in the Raven Lodge. We need some parent helpers to assist with the sales.

If you can help with the sales on one or both days, please contact Berend!

Coaching refresher

All coaches should mark Saturday, January 26 on your calendar for a coaching refresher! After lunch, join Head Coach Dave Battison and your coaching comrades for a session of tips and tricks. All coaches are welcome–new and returning; beginner and advanced; bunny, rabbit, and master! Hope to see you there.

Tallon came in first in the midget boys 4km classic race at BC Cup #2!

Race report

Last weekend, our team of 22 racers, coaches, and support crew drove to Kelowna for the BC Cup #2 races. Coach Dave says, “We really stepped up our game and raced well. You could tell that the work we have done this past month has really paid off.”

In racing highlights, Tallon Noble brought home a gold medal for a first place finish, and Marilyn Atkinson picked up bronze for third place finishes! The team also enjoyed many top 10 results. Well done team!

Teck Coast Cup #2

Best wishes to the Devos, coaches, and their support crew as they head to the Teck Coast Cup #2 races at Whistler Olympic Park this weekend. Go team!

Remember to smile

Thank you to everyone using their Thrifty Foods Smile Cards. Thrifty’s recently deposited another $230 into the fundraising account! If you shop at Thrifty’s and would like to get a Strathcona Nordics Smile Card, contact Berend.



SNSC News — January 10, 2013

Look for news below about program start up, Rabbits, fun races, an interview with the awesome Andrea Lee, and more!

Andrea Lee is off to the U23 World Championships. See interview below!

Program start up

This weekend our recreational programs begin. Here are some tips:

  • Check the Mount Washington snow reports and web cams.
  • Look for any events or road conditions on the Drive BC website.
  • Be sure to give yourself lots of extra time on the roads, in the parking lot, and in the lodge because it’s going to be busy.
  • Remember your season’s pass or trail pass.
  • Look for the bag storage area signs if you want to leave a bag in the lodge while you go out to ski. Keep the tables free.
  • Have fun!



The 2013 season starts in a couple of days – I hope all the Rabbits are excited!

There has been word from some parents that they found messages from their coaches in their spam folders, so if you haven’t yet received word from your coach, please look there. Group lists will be posted inside the doors at Raven lodge by 9:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

Although we do our best to place skiers in appropriate groups before the season starts, it is common for a few changes to occur after the first session, to ensure that everyone is in the group that is most appropriate for their age and ability. Any adjustments will be communicated to the affected families directly.

The first day can be a bit hectic with everyone trying to get gear and kids organized to start for 10am. Please leave yourself some extra time to help ensure everything goes smoothly. Signs for group meeting places will be posted by 9:45, and coaches will be ready to go at 10 am.

For all parents who have signed up for a volunteer position – thank you! For those of you who haven’t, please visit the Rabbit Volunteer page as soon as possible. We are especially in need of another playground assistant on Sunday, and there are many Sprint Race and Tourney positions available.

We are looking forward to a great season – can’t wait to get out there and have some fun!

Headhare Alix


Colouring contests

Attention Rabbits and Devos! Cross Country Canada is holding two colouring contests:

  • Rabbits can create a design for the new 2014 Rabbit toque. Find the details here.
  • Devos have the opportunity to design a new “Track Attack” Buff! See details here.



The Devos are preparing for Coast Cup #2 at the Whistler Olympic Park at Callaghan Valley on January 19th. Registration is now open on Zone 4. Please head over to, find the Coast Cup 2, and sign up. Families will be receiving an email from the coaches shortly with more details on logistics.

And thanks again to all the parents who brought the tasty dishes to our Devo potluck. It was a great way for kids and parents to get to know each other. We hope to have another one before we go to Midgets.

Hurray for CC Coaches!


Yay for coaches!

Last weekend, 20 coaches took part in two coaching workshops at Mount Washington. We hosted the Community Coaching (CC) workshop and the Learn to Train (L2T) workshop. Three cheers for the coaches for giving their time in the workshops and on the snow with kids this winter!

We would also like to thank Dana Manhard for coming all the way from Vernon to facilitate the CC course and to our Dave Battison for the L2T course.

Hurray for L2T Coaches!


Twoonie races

Join us on Sunday, January 27 at 1:00pm for the Poker Run Twoonie Race! Here’s how we play:
* Form a team of any number of people go to as many stations in 30 min as you can.
* At the first 5 stations you will receive a random playing card.
* Once you have 5 cards you can start trading cards at the next stations to form the best poker hand.

This Twoonie Race is part of the Strathcona Nordic Challenge, which consists of 8 races spread through the 2012/2013 season. Skiers will receive a point for each event they participate in. There will be awards for the skier or skiers with the most points in each of the usual race age categories. Awards will be given at the end of season banquet. Points will be given regardless of winning or losing, participating is the only requirement.

Look for the list of races on the bulletin board downstairs in the Raven Lodge.


BC Cup 2

This weekend, our Junior Racers and Masters Racers head off to the BC Cup #2 races in Kelowna. Best wishes to the racers, coaches, and support crew. Go team!

Andrea Lee

We caught up with the Strathcona Nordics Andrea Lee fresh from her win at the World U23 Trial races as she prepares to head to the U23 World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic. Andrea took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

How did the U23 trial races feel for you?
The races were great! I was really excited to race on the trails at Lappe (Thunder Bay, Ontario). We had done tons of summer and winter training on the trails, so I was really familiar with them. Heading into the races, I was very optimistic. After a tough set a pre Christmas races, I finally felt like I had my energy back, so I was excited to see how things turned out.

Did you know you’d won it when you crossed the finish line in the 15km Skiathlon?
Throughout the Skiathon, I knew where I was in relation to the other U23 girls pretty much the whole time. After the transition to skate, myself and one other U23 (Heidi) broke away from the rest of the U23’s. We stuck together for the duration of the skate leg, and coming up the final climb, I knew that all I needed to do was get to the line before Heidi, and I would have a ticket to Liberec. I was really hoping it wouldn’t come down to a sprint to the line because Heidi is one of the best sprinters in Canada. Luckily, I managed to get a couple seconds lead on her by the top of the final climb into the stadium, so I just sprinted as hard as I could in the final 100 meters in hope that she wouldn’t catch back up! Once I crossed the line, I knew that I was the top U23. It was a huge relief and extremely exciting at the same time!

Have you changed something in your training this year or is all the hard work paying off?
I haven’t made any drastic changes to my training this year. I think is just years of consistent training and hard work that is now starting to pay off.

How do you balance university and training?
For sure it’s tough to balance school and training. Because I have been doing both for the last couple years, I feel like I’ve now found a good balance and know what I can or cannot handle. Everything (including the university) in Thunder Bay is so close and accessible, so it makes squeezing in a couple classes between training sessions that much easier.

What are your thoughts as you head to Liberec, Czech Republic?
I’m very excited to head to Liberec. With this being my first time representing Canada (and Strathcona Nordics!) overseas, I know it will be a phenomenal experience. My goal is enjoy the experience, learn lots, and ski as fast as I can!

Anything else you’d like people on the North Island to know?
It feels so great to hear so many words of support and encouragement from people from the club and ski community on the Island. It’s extremely motivating to feel so much support even when I’m on the other side of the county. Thank you!

You can follow Andrea on the National Team Development Centre website.

SNSC News — January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! With a snow base of 449cm and clear skies, it looks like it’s going to be another great ski season of cross-country skiing at Mount Washington.

Look for news below about equipment rentals, opportunities, technique tips, and more!

Season equipment rentals

Attention all Rabbits and Masters renting equipment this season! This weekend, look for a table in the Raven Lodge where you can book your rentals for the season.

  • Saturday, January 5 from 10am – 11:30am
  • Sunday, January 6 from 11:30am – 1pm

Coaching clinic

This weekend, we are holding the Community Coaching (CC) Workshop (16 hrs). This program is directed at coaches working with children six to nine years of age (FUNdamentals stage of athlete development). CC certification is the second step in the NCCP progression.

Contact Doug or Alix for more information.

Race report

Our home first race of the season was a great success! Thank you to all of the race organizers and to the small army of volunteers who made it happen.

We would also like to thank Mount Washington Resort for their support and to extend our thanks to all of our sponsors Westview Ford, the Government of British Columbia, Ski Tak Hut, CIBC Wood Gundy, Dr Andrea Conradi, Thrifty Foods, Mount Washington, Investors Group, West Coast Expeditions, and Helly Hansen.

Congratulations to the winners and to all 84 racers! You have all acquired one point in the 2012-13 Strathcona Cup race series.

Open Teams
1. Team Morson Gledhill
2. Team Connor
3. Team Grant Damery

Family Teams
1. The Browns
2. Team Wasteneys
3. Stocking Stapffers

For detailed race results, check out this link.

Relay racers off to a blistering start! photo: Berend Henckel

Teck regional snow camp

This year, a record number of Vancouver Island nordic ski racers enjoyed four full days of activities at Mount Washington for the Christmas snow camp. The 58 participants worked hard on areas such as technique and perceived effort while performing drills on hills and in sharp corners.

The weather cooperated nicely, and the skiers completed their two sessions each day under mainly sunny skies and on a nearly 5-meter snow pack. For some of the young skiers, a highlight was watching themselves ski for the first time during the video analysis sessions. For most of the skiers, the race on the final day was the real pinnacle!

Thank you to Teck, CCBC, the coaches, and the volunteers who facilitated the camp. Good work everyone!


If you are interested in viewing excellent examples of proper ski technique, check out these videos of Canada’s top cross-country skiers demonstrating excellent form. Scroll down the webpage for more videos, and notice the button on the video player that allows you to change the speed of the video.


All club members, mark April 26 on your calendars for the end of the year club banquet! The evening will be filled with feasting, fun, games, and prizes–so don’t miss it. Look for more details as we get closer to the date.


Cross Country BC is accepting photo and article submissions for the 2013-2014 issue of “Ski Cross Country,” the annual BC ski community publication. If you have a story idea or take a special ski photo this season, look to the CCBC website for submission details.

Mountain Centre

The Mountain Centre, across from the Raven Lodge, offers a variety of amenities, such as Massage Therapy. Drop in and check out what they have to offer.