Certification Process

Gavin McPhail and the Level 4 Saturday Rabbits get ready for a game of soccer, played with one ski off and one ski on.

The Strathcona Nordic Ski Club is a supportive environment for you to develop your skiing and coaching skills. You’ve decided that you want to be a coach – the club will sponsor your education and training. These opportunities are open to all members of the club regardless of skiing ability.

Note: the Club will pay your course registration fee, in return for your commitment to do some coaching for one of the club’s programs.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

of Canada used by ski clubs across the country. It is a competency-based approach, and focuses on experiential learning and the needs of the participants. The program is designed with the Long Team Athlete Development (LTAD) Model in mind and certification is based on the coaches abilities, and doesn’t rely on purely “text-book” knowledge. Many coaches taking this course find that their own abilities improve throughout the learning process!

Introduction to Community Coaching Workshop (ICC),

The first step in the process required is the ICC workshop which introduces you to the Rabbit SDP program and coaching. This is a 10 hour workshop, which generally runs on a Friday evening and Saturday, and allows you to coach Bunny Rabbits (6 and under).

The ICC Workshop is designed for parents and other beginning coaches. This workshop focuses on building individuals confidence in their coaching role, and teaches basic strategies including how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions under the guidance/supervision of more experienced coaches.

The ICC focuses on fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations in the athlete model, and also provides strategies for creating a fun learning environment, including instruction on how to set up a ski playground. The course is oriented towards working with skiers of all age groups, but with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age (the “Active Start” stage of athlete development).

There are no prerequisites except enthusiasm and the minimum age requirement of 14 years.

10 hrs / workshop. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $80.00.  The workshop fee for non-CCC/CCBC members is $160.00. NOTE Club pays your course fee in exchange for coaching one of the programs.

Community Coaching Workshop (CC)

The second step is the , which generally runs on a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, and includes on-snow sessions (16 hours). Completion of this workshop allows you to coach children in both in the Bunny Rabbit and Jack Rabbit (9 and under)  programs. The ICC course must be completed before taking the CC course.

It provides essential training for coaches by delivering an effective skill development program to children six to nine years of age (the “FUNdamentals” stage of athlete development).

This program is designed to train coaches to teach children skills through select games specifically designed to reinforce techniques being taught. In addition, new coaches are taught how to design and lead on-snow sessions, select and prepare equipment for young children and most importantly, how to make learning FUN. Successful completion of the ICC Workshop, enthusiasm and a minimum age of 14 years are the only prerequisites.

These workshops are usually offered before the start of programs in January. Occasionally the Community Coaching  Workshop runs on a weekend when programs are already in session; in this case your coaching commitments are incorporated into the workshop schedule as one of your practical activities.

16 hrs / workshop. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $100.00.  The workshop fee for non-CCC/CCBC members is $200.00. NOTE Club pays your course fee in exchange for coaching one of our programs.

These two workshops will instruct you in various coaching and teaching strategies, proper ski technique, group management, as well as skill progressions, games and activities for teaching cross-country skiing. This is also a great way to improve your own skiing!

After you have completed your workshop/s, go to the Coaching Association of Canada  website and register for your own NCCP # on The Locker (if you don’t already have one from previous courses or another sport) OR check your existing NCCP coach status. The NCCP Database is an important tool that supports the efforts of all Canadians involved in coach education and allows you to track your progress. Please review your personal information in The Locker and make updates as required.

Once you have completed the ICC and CC workshops you will be required to complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) evaluation.
1)  Go to your Locker on the CAC website (you’ll need your CC# and password); then
2)   Select ‘eLearning’; then
3)   Select ‘Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Community Sport’ and proceed with completing the evaluation.

Remember, once you have completed a coaching season, to fill in a Coaching Experience Form. Use the link below to print or download the form: Coaching Experience Form.

 Additional Coaching Training

If you are interested in coaching children over the age of 9 – getting involved with our Devo (Track Attack) program or assisting with the Junior Race Team program  – you will need to gain experience as a coach and complete additional courses and evaluations. The next steps in this process are the Learn to Train and Train to Train Workshops in the Competition – Introduction stream. Each of these levels has two components – a dry land and on-snow workshop plus evaluations.

Check the Cross Country Canada or Cross Country BC  websites for additional information about the NCCP coaching structure.

Check the Club’s Events page to see which courses we are offering this season.



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