Coaches’ Corner

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club will:

  1. Provide training sessions to help coaches to improve both skiing and coaching skills.
  2. Build opportunities through training sessions for coaches to network and share ideas and strategies with each other (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More).
  3. Fully reimburse coaches for all successfully completed NCCP coaching courses.
  4. Provide support materials with regard to teaching progressions, games, and award level requirements.
  5. Attempt to pair new coaches with experienced coaches that have coached previously with the club for at least one season.
  6. Provide support for club coaches through:
    • experienced support coaches available to answer questions and provide strategies and feedback
    • website information and links
    • coach refresher sessions with club Head Coach Andrea Stapff

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club expects club coaches will:

  1. Sign and adhere to theĀ CCBC Coaches Code Of Conduct.
  2. Complete a Criminal Record Check for those teaching children under the age of 19 years.
  3. Attend any required training, coaches meetings and preparation sessions.
  4. Commit to coaching for all sessions of the group that you have been assigned to. In case of unavoidable absence, the coach should help the session coordinator find a replacement.
  5. Plan and conduct fun, safe and developmentally appropriate skiing sessions.
  6. Follow all of the Mt. Washington rules, including showing your ski pass as you enter the trails, keeping your groups from blocking other skiers and ensuring that your group skis in a safe manner (i.e. skis under control and slows down in the lodge area).
  7. Work within the program framework set out by the club (for example, with the exception of the racing program, special programs and special events, all groups will ski at Mt.Washington Nordic Area).
  8. Use Cross Country BC and club criteria to evaluate skill levels and award stickers to children being coached (and report those awards back to the session coordinator).
  9. Continue to develop own skiing and coaching skills.

Coaches, please remember the following:

  • We are skiing in both a public (Strathcona Provincial Park) and private (Mt. Washington Resort) ski area; we do not receive any special preference. Please be aware of this, share the trails and always remain courteous towards the skiing public.
  • All skiers must display their trail passes upon entry into the ski trails, including coaches and program participants. If requested to do so by Mt. Washington personnel, please show your pass, even if you’ve been skiing at Mt. Washington for years and think they should recognize you.
  • Please try not to block trails. When playing games, find a little-used trail or area and not in the middle of a busy trail. When stopped for ski demonstrations or other reasons, remember to keep your group of skiers to the side.
  • The main entrance to Strathcona Park, directly below the lodge, can become particularly congested with skiers trying to climb up the short, steep hill while skiers are coming down at fast speeds.
  • When organizing your group beforehand or when returning after your session, please keep your group well away from the front of Raven Lodge as it can become very congested.
  • Please ensure that your group of skiers is going dead slow as they enter the Raven lodge base area.

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club