Masters Race

This program is for Masters (19 yrs +) athletes who are interested in skiing for fitness and competition but have other life priorities such as school, work, and/or family.

Dryland and winter programs are available. Dryland training takes place in the spring (May & June) and fall (September &  October) on a drop-in basis. Training takes place on Wednesday at 9am or 6pm. Trail runs, hikes, roller skiing or ski striding sessions are scheduled 2-3 times per month during the Dryland season. Masters Race athletes also join in on summer club run/hikes.

Winter training includes dedicated Masters sessions on Wednesday at 9:30am or 6pm and Sunday at 1pm.

Strathcona Nordics Head Coach Andrea Stapff works with this group along with club assistant coaches.

Individually designed training programs and extra race support and testing services are available on a user fee basis.

See Programs for dates, fees and more.




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