Preparing for the Rabbit Season

Clothing and Equipment

During the course of the 10 week Rabbit season, expect to encounter all types of weather, with various combinations of sun, wind, rain, and snow. Dressing in layers is a great way to keep warm and dry, and removing layers is an option if the weather is warmer than expected. Remember to protect young eyes with sunglasses, and sunscreen if the sun is shining. Please ensure that Rabbits are dressed and ready to go at 10 am.

See Preparing for the Season for more details, including equipment sizing.


Nordic Season Rentals

See Preparing for the Season for more details.

Trail Passes

Rabbit program fees do NOT include Mount Washington trail fees. If planning on skiing outside of Rabbit program days, consider purchasing a Nordic Season Pass  from Mount Washington. Note their October 10 early bird deadline!)

See Preparing for the Season for prices.

Start-up Meeting Locations

Mount Washington has asked us to meet with our groups away from the entrance to the Raven Lodge. Look for our red signs which will be posted every session (1 large Bunny Rabbit sign and Jack Rabbit Level 1 – 4 group signs). Coaches will be waiting at their respective sign. Typically coaches return to this area at the end of the session to regroup with parents unless other arrangements have been made.


The Rabbit programs run from 10 am-12 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact with Coaches and the first week

Your child’s coach will contact you at least one week prior to the start of the Rabbit Season to introduce themselves. On the first day, lists of all Rabbit groups will be posted just inside the door in the Raven Lodge by 9:30 am.

All children are placed into coaching groups based on their developmental age, skill evaluations from last year’s coaches and information that parents provide. Our best efforts are put forth to ensure that children are placed in a group appropriate to their level at the beginning of the season, however some skiers may be shifted into another group at the coach’s discretion during the first couple of sessions if it is in the best interest of the child’s success, enjoyment, and skill development. Please be aware that changes may occur after the first week, and will be communicated by the coach and Head Hare.

Being a Rabbit Helper

All Bunny and Jack Rabbits must have at least one parent/guardian who is a SNSC member for insurance liability purposes. All Bunnies are required to have an accompanying parent/guardian unless the Bunny Coach decides otherwise. The accompanying parent/guardian must be a member of SNSC.

Jack Rabbit coaches may require some parents to ski along with their children, or to act as a parent helper at some point through the season.  Walking is not allowed, so bring some skis!

Terrain Park and Facilities

Mount Washington Nordic very kindly allows us to use their space. Rabbit families are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and eat it in Raven Lodge following the program.  There is also a full cafeteria in Raven Lodge. Please be mindful of other Nordic patrons and do not leave personal gear or other items at tables while out skiing.

The Ski playground and Terrain Park (next to the Raven Lodge) is a wonderful place for kids to practice their skills in a fun place.  The more we use the Terrain Park, the more attention the mountain will provide to grooming and expanding this area.  The club is looking for volunteers who would like to further develop this area, expanding the challenges and obstacles for young skiers to enjoy.

Weather and Conditions

You will find great information to prepare for a day on the mountain here:  Nordic snow report  or

Snack Time

During each Rabbit session, the groups take a break for hot chocolate and a snack. This provides hydration and an energy boost for the rest of the session.  Coaches will provide details regarding the shared snack schedule either before or on the first day of the Rabbit Season.

Thank you to our Volunteer Coaches!

Every year a group of new coaches complete their Introduction to Community Coaching course and many also complete the Community Coaching course and attend a coaching refresher course each year.  These courses require a total of 26 hours to complete.  In addition, coaches volunteer time every week to plan their lessons, coach our children, and spend time completing paperwork at the end of the season.  This is a tremendous commitment, which we could not function without.  Please support your child’s coach in every way you can, and thank them for making this commitment to our program!

Rabbits enjoying some downtime

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club