Rabbit Awards Program

Technique and Program Awards

Each participant in the Rabbit Skill Development Program (Rabbit SDP) will receive either a Bunny Rabbit booklet or Jack Rabbit poster.  These items outline the skills that will be worked on as children go through the Rabbit SDP levels and are used to track their progress over their Rabbit SDP years.

Bunny Rabbit Program

During the Bunny Rabbit season, skiers will work toward earning five different Paw Award stickers for different skiing skills. Upon completing all five technique skills, the skier will earn a Bunny Rabbit Award Sticker.

Bunnies are also encouraged to work towards a Snow Goal Award. Please see below to learn more about how skiing outside of Bunny Rabbit sessions can accumulate into a Snow Goal Award.

Bunny Rabbit coaches may also choose to have their group participate in the Sprint Race to earn a Sprint Award depending on the skiing ability at the time of the race.  Please see below for the description.

Jack Rabbit Program

During the Rabbit season, the skiers will work towards earning various award stickers for their posters, including  Technique, Snow Goal, Sprint, and Hat Trick awards.

Technique Award

During each of the four levels of the Rabbit SDP, skiers work towards earning a Technique Award.  Skiers are initially placed in a specific level based on their developmental age and skiing ability.  At each level, there are specific skills that the skier must be able to demonstrate in order to move on to the next level.  Descriptions of these skills are listed on the Jack Rabbit poster. Skills assessment and evaluation by coaches will determine whether or not they have satisfactorily completed this stage of the program and earned the applicable technique award, or whether they need to do more work on specific skills before they graduate to the next level.

Please note that it is not expected that skiers will earn a Technique Award every year.  It may take a couple years at each level to learn the skills required.  Our program is only 10 weeks long, and it often takes much longer to develop these skills.

Snow Goal Award

The objective of the Snow Goal Award is to encourage time on the snow in addition to the Rabbit SDP sessions. Spending time on skis is the best way to improve skier’s  balance, agility, fitness and rhythm—the key elements of good ski technique.

To achieve a Snow Goal Award, skiers must ski (minimum 1 hour) in addition to their lesson.  For instance, if the children ski again after lunch for a minimum of 1 hour, they can earn one point towards the award.  If they ski for 2 hours, they still only receive 1 point.  The point system is based on the number of days that the child skis outside of the lesson, not the hours. Of course, if the children ski on a non-Rabbit day for a minimum of one hour, they will earn another point.

This is how the Snow Goal point system works:

  • Ski 5 times outside of Rabbits = a SNOW GOAL 1 sticker.
  • Ski 10 times outside of Rabbits = a SNOW GOAL 2 sticker.
  • Ski 15 times outside of Rabbits = a SNOW GOAL 3 sticker.
  • Ski 20 times outside of Rabbits = a SNOW GOAL 4 sticker.

Please keep track from as soon as there is snow to ski. By the 9th weekend of the season, coaches will want to know the results by email, phone or in person, so that the correct Snow Goal sticker can be included with the child’s Rabbit booklet.

Sprint Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage skiers to develop speed in their skiing and expose them to a race–like experience (because it’s fun!)  The children will also actively cheer on their fellow participants.  Skiers aged 6–7 (by the end of the current year) will ski a 50 meter race course. Skiers 8 years and up will ski a 75 meter race course.  Timing will be done for these distances.  Beckie Scott Sprint sticker awards are green, blue, purple, red and gold.

One weekend during the Rabbit season will be dedicated to Sprint Races.  Each Rabbit group will be assigned a group racing time and will spend approximately 15 minutes at the Sprint Race area in the stadium. Following their sprint they will continue with a regular session.

Sprint Award Formula

Sprint Award 50 meters 75 meters
Green 30.00 sec or more 45.00 or more
Blue 25.00 – 29.99 37.50 – 44.99
Purple 20.00 – 24.99 sec 30.00 – 37.49
Red 15.00 – 19.99 sec 22.50 – 29.99
Gold 14.99 sec or less 22.49 sec or less


Hat Trick Award

The objective of this award is to recognize the exceptional accomplishment of achieving a high standard for technique, speed, and commitment.

Awards are based on a combination of Technical Award, Snow Goal and Sprint Award to collect an all-round achievement award – the Pierre Harvey Hat Trick Award.

Hat Trick Award Technique Award Snow Goal Award Sprint Award
1 2 2 Blue
2 2 3 Purple
3 3 4 Purple
4 4 4 Red
5 4 5 Gold

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