Rabbit Ski Tournament

The club holds an annual Rabbit Skill Development Program Tournament for Bunnies and Rabbits at Mount Washington Nordic in the Stadium Area.  Both the Saturday and Sunday Rabbit groups come together on either the Saturday or Sunday (it alternates each year) in the final week of the program for this fun event. In the past, we have had sponsorship from Cross Country Canada (CCC) and Sport Canada.

The tournament takes about 2 ½ hours. It includes a variety of fun and challenging games, activities, informal races, and relays. Groups rotate through the stations.  There are five stations for Bunny Rabbits and seven stations for the Jack Rabbits.

Following the tournament, the club and local sponsors provide a hot dog lunch and hot drink, and families provide potluck veggies, fruit, and healthy snacks.  There are many draw prizes for tournament participants provided by local community sponsors. If we secure sponsorship from CCC, all participants will receive a CCC prize.  As well, there are individual awards presented for best male and female technique in both classic and skate skiing across the various age categories.

The Rabbit SDP coordinators will oversee the tournament and ensure that all equipment required for the tournament is available and in the appropriate place.  They will also be responsible for maintaining a parent volunteer sign up list and forwarding on contact information to the Rabbit Station, Bunny Station and Food Coordinators.  The Rabbit SDP coordinator will oversee the event and sound the air horn at station change intervals.

Other key elements include:

Station and Food Coordinators

The station coordinators work with the Rabbit SDP coordinators, coaches, and station volunteers. The station coordinators will make sure that everyone understands the stations and their roles at the stations and knows where to collect and return their equipment. The station coordinators will also paint marks on the snow as guides for the station in consultation with the station volunteers.

The food coordinator works with the Rabbit SDP coordinators and other volunteers to plan, set up, prepare, and distribute the food. The food coordinator and their crew clean up after lunch.  They will also be responsible for picking up and transporting the food to the Mount Washington nordic area.


For the tournament, coaches need to familiarize themselves with the station descriptions and the stadium map.  They will be responsible for taking their group through each of the stations.  The coach will make a decision about snack time for their group during the tournament. The Rabbit SPD coordinators will provide information to the coaches about the tournament stations and advise each coach which station they will start at.

Station Volunteers

Some Rabbit and Bunny parents/guardians will volunteer to run the stations.  At some stations, only one volunteer is required and at others more are required.  The volunteers will receive a station description and equipment list from the station coordinators one week prior to the event.  The station volunteers need to arrive in the nordic area by 9 am. They will be responsible for collecting their station equipment from the SNSC room in the Raven Lodge on the morning of the tournament and/or bring select items up with them.

Food Volunteers

Some Rabbit and Bunny parents/guardians will assist with collecting food and equipment, setting up, preparing, serving, and cleaning up the food station under the direction of the Food Coordinator.

Tournament Equipment Volunteer

One Rabbit or Bunny parent/guardian volunteer is required to be present in the SNSC room in the Raven Lodge just before 9 am on the day of the Tournament. This oversees the distribution of the equipment to the station volunteers.

Set up–Take Down and Sound Volunteers

Some Rabbit and Bunny parents/guardians will assist with the set up of the event tent/s, sound system and larger equipment in the Stadium. These volunteers will need to be available at the Raven Lodge by 9 am to begin moving and setting up equipment under the direction of the Rabbit SDP coordinator.  Clean up and equipment take down will follow the tournament.

Miscellaneous Job of the Day Volunteers

Two volunteers will be available on the day of the tournament to fill in for someone who may not show up, assist the Rabbit SDP coordinators as needed, or assist with any station that appears to need help.

Ski Technique Judges

Coaches who are NCCP Level 2 or higher will observe all skiers during the sprint and relay races. These coaches will determine awards for skiers in both classic and skate technique across the various ages.

Tournament Layout

The Rabbit Tournament is held in the stadium section of the nordic area. Rabbit Stations will be numbered 1-7 on green signs and will flow in a clockwise direction around the outside of the stadium, starting with Station 1 closest to the Nordic Lodge.  Bunny Stations will be in the center of the stadium and they will be numbered 1-5 on yellow signs.  They will also flow in a clockwise direction, with Station 1 closest to the Raven Lodge.  Station 6 for the Bunnies will be the Ski Playground.

Two water jugs will be set up. One will be at the north end of the stadium between Rabbit stations 3 and 4. The other will be set up near Bunny Station 5.  Kids are encouraged to have their own water bottles, but cups will be provided as well at the water jugs.

Event Schedule

Time What Who Where
Event Set Up
9:00-9:15 Coordination Meeting SDP CoordinatorsStation & Food CoordinatorsCoaches Raven Lodge
9:15-9:30 Equipment Distribution SNSC Room Parent Volunteer SNSC Club Office
9:15-10:00 Station Set Up Station Coordinators Stadium & surrounds
Ski Tournament
10:00-10:15 Opening ceremony / announcements. Mobilize groups to initial stations SDP CoordinatorGroup Coaches and Assistants Beside Lodge or Stadium
10:15 – 10:35 Interval 1 Bunny & JR Stadium
10:35 – 10:55 Interval 2 Bunny & JR Stadium
10:55 – 11:15 Interval 3 Bunny & JR Stadium
11:15 – 11:35 Interval 4 Bunny & JR Stadium
11:35 – 11:55 Interval 5 Bunny & JR Stadium
11:55 – 12:15 Interval 6Free Play JackrabbitsBunnies StadiumSki Playground
12:15 – 12:35 Interval 7Head in for lunch JackrabbitsBunnies StadiumLodge
Lunch and Awards
12:35 – 1:30 Lunch All Rabbit families & coaches Tent or Lodge
1:30 – 2:30 Awards / Announcements SDP Coordinators, Technique Judges Tent or Lodge
2:00 Final Clean-Up Volunteers Lodge and Stadium

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