Volunteer Position Descriptions

In recognition of the tremendous amount of work needed to run the Strathcona Nordics Ski Club (SNSC) programs, each Rabbit family is asked to put in some time  in an area of their choice. The Volunteer Sign Up form can be accessed either by using the Rabbit Volunteer button on the sidebar, or through the link in Zone 4.

The Rabbit SDP relies so heavily on people-power –  the effort, enthusiasm and commitment of the parent and guardian volunteers is what ultimately determines the success of the program.

Thank you for choosing to support your child’s ski program with as much effort, enthusiasm and commitment as you are able. When we all put in some time, we share the workload, and we all have more fun!

Rabbit Program Volunteer Opportunities
  Some ways that Parents can support their skiing children:

  • Sign up for at least one volunteer position!
  • Support and foster a positive skiing experience. The primary goal of our Jackrabbit/Bunnyrabbit program is to have a positive skiing experience for each child at all times, with both parent(s) and coach(s) working together to achieve this goal.
  • Provide (rent/buy) appropriate and properly fitting equipment and clothing for cross-country skiing
  • Have children ready to meet their coaches and ski at 10am. Arrange to be at the lodge a minimum of 20 minutes before your session starts. This allows time to find a parking spot, unload gear, get equipment on and ski to the group meeting place. If late, please ski with your child until you find their group.
  • Participate with your child’s group. When requested by the coach, cheerfully ski with the group. This may happen more than once during the season, as the coach sees necessary to support the group.
  • Contact your child’s coach if your child cannot attend.
  • Bring a healthy peanut-free snack and drink when required.

Ski for fun with your child!! If you want your child to improve in ability and enthusiasm as a cross-country skier and improve their fitness, mere attendance at our Jackrabbit classes is not enough. Many families have lunch/snack and go for a family ski after session. Have them practice the skills that they are learning with you. You will be surprised how quickly they can become good ski-companions, and how soon they’ll leave you behind.

  We need volunteers for the following extra tasks in order for the Rabbits Program to run effectively. Time Commitment is only an estimate; it may be more, or less.  You are welcome to sign up for more than one activity/position.

Session Coordinators (2 people)

Time Commitments: Nov to Mar: 0-3 hrs/wk

Number of positions: 1 – Saturday, 1 – Sunday

  • Responsible for weekly coordination of the Saturday and Sunday Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit Programs.
  • Either the Saturday or the Sunday Session Coordinator could also be the Program Chair, depending on ability to delegate tasks to other volunteers.
  • Assist in organizing class lists based on registration information and evaluation information from prior year.
    • During October/November, contact previous year’s coaches to determine which coaches are returning. Coaching lists for the new season will be established one week prior to the early registration deadline.
    • Sort registrants based on information provided from evaluation and registration databases (Note: the cap for each day will be dependent on the number of coaches available, with a maximum 1:8 ratio).
    • Provide the group start-up lists to the Program Chair and share with all coaches involved.
  • Provide the following information to the Program Chair and Materials & Supplies Coordinator shortly after completing the initial class setup:
    • # of Bunnyrabbits and # of Jackrabbits
    • Estimate # of stickers required (a rough estimate) for technical levels and all awards.  Assume that most skiers will pass their levels. Communicate this to the Program Chair and the Materials and Supplies Coordinator for ordering purposes.
  • Encourage volunteerism and timely email/phone communication with participant families.
  • Determine equipment purchases needed for the program. (Requests are sent to the Program Chair who will work with Materials and Supplies Coordinator to acquire items)
  • Encourage coaches to take further training courses
  • Encourage participation in extra events: Rabbit Tourney, Coastal Cup, Loppet, etc,.
  • Help to ensure consistent evaluation of skills among groups.
  • Promote races and social activities (picnic, night ski, races, etc)
  • Session Coordinators should attend the AGM/Ski Swap, the Coaches pre-season meeting and any Program Team Meetings
  • Responsible for cancelling classes when the conditions are unsuitable or considered unsafe.
  • Ensure evaluation information from coaches is submitted to the Skier Evaluation Coordinator and the Program Chair at the end of the season.
  • Session coordinators are not responsible for the Tourney, although they do need to help find parent volunteers to coordinate the Tourney.
  • Recruiting successors.

Materials and Supplies (1-2 people)

Time Commitments: Jan – Mar: 1 hr/wk

Number of positions: min of 1 person, preferably one for each day

  • Count supply of stickers for Technical levels, and all awards. Assume that most skiers will pass their levels. Determine how many stickers will need to be ordered for the year.
  • Keep “Rabbits Area” of the SNSC office tidy, ensuring borrowed equipment is returned by coaches.
  • Ensure Booklets are assigned/provided for each coach in the coach’s folder, check through stored booklets for returning skiers and organize accordingly.
  • Distribute CCBC “swag” supplies to program participants. A package should be prepared for each child to be distributed during the first month of classes (newsletter, posters. etc).
  • Recruit successors.

Coaches  & co-coaches (18-28 people)

Time Commitments: 3 hr/wk Jan – Mar

Number of positions: Approx.  12 – 18 for each day

  • Recommend class changes and negotiate with the Session Co-ordinator after the first lesson.
  • Phone parents, provide new season information, verify student info: name, spelling, phone number, check if there are any food allergies or medical conditions, etc. If they are new members, review first day routine, Mt. Washington Resort protocols, the meeting place for the class (by the appropriate sign for each Rabbit Level).
  • Remind parents about a variety of program information which can be accessed on the club website or in posters (ski equipment and clothing guide, wax guide, parents’ role in SNSC Rabbit program).
  • Plan lessons and coach a group of up to eight skiers according to CCC Community Coaching manual.
  • Continue to develop and improve coaching skills through attendance at “Coaching Refresher” days lead by the Head Coach.
  • Coordinate with other groups and coaches to share games, races, social events, etc.
  • Items to consider carrying with you: name tags, extra clothes (mittens, socks, hats), grip wax, rewards (bribes) – stickers and food, disposable hand warmers, space blanket and bandages
  • Regular phone or email contact with parents – class cancellations, skiing location reminders if someone will be late, event reminders, etc.
  • Organize parent helpers for scheduled tasks: snacks, signs, equipment, etc.
  • Actively mentor new coaches into the program.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of class and begin class on time
  • At the start of the class, remind the parents who are going off for a ski of the pickup time and location
  • Generally, one class coach is positioned at the front of the class, and ideally, a second coach, or a parent (if available), takes up the rear. It is important to have an adult in the rear at all times with younger skiers.
  • Evaluate students’ progress (skill level, distance and speed) objectively
  • Sort out class stickers and provide booklets to skiers for review of skills completed.
  • Promote races & social activities (picnic, night time skis, skiing with Junior racers)
  • Recommend students for Devo and Racing Teams
  • Treat all your participating rabbits equally.
  • Be positive and have Fun!

Skier Evaluations Coordinator (4 people)

Time Commitments: 6 hours in March, 2 hours in the following Dec.

Number of positions: 2 for Saturday, 2 for Sunday

  • Ideal position for a former coach, you will assist coaches at their request with skier evaluation during the final two or three sessions of the program.
  • Work with Program Chair and Session Coordinators to ensure proper evaluation of skiers is conducted by coaches
  • Gather evaluation records and booklets from each group coach after the last session of the ski season.
  • Work with Program Chair and Session Coordinators to place registrants into appropriate coaching groups for new ski season.

Sprint Race Volunteers (16 people)

Time Commitment: 3 hours on Sprint Race Day

Number of positions: 8 – Saturday, 8 – Sunday

  • Work with Program Chair and Session Coordinators to conduct informal sprint races of 50-100 meters as defined in the JackRabbit Booklet.
  • Positions include Race Starter, Timer and Recorder.
  • Following the race, the recorder will work with the Program Chair/Session Coordinators to determine Sprint award sticker for each skier based on their best time.

Photographer (2 people)

Time Commitments:  6 hours, including the Tourney, and the Sprint Races

Number of positions: 1 – Sat, 1 – Sun

  • The Photographer will be responsible for organizing, taking, printing and distributing class photos and acquiring photos during sessions for program use.
  • Must be available for the Rabbit Tourney and Sprint Races on either Sat or Sun.

Ski Playground Liaison (2 people)

Time Commitments: 4 + hrs depending on playground development, 15 minutes PRIOR to the beginning of each Rabbit Session

Number of positions: 1 – Sat, 1 – Sun

  • Set up Rabbit Group Number signs near ski playground before 9:45 am.
  • Responsible for Ski Playground equipment setup and maintenance.
  • Work to develop plans for activities, obstacles, challenges in the ski playground, ie: what could make this more fun?
  • Act as main liaison with Mt Washington Resort for Ski Playground and Trail Grooming
  • Communicate with the Program Chair any issues that need to be brought to the attention of the Board.

Ski Playground Assistant (4 people)

Time Commitments: 4 + hrs depending on playground development, 15 minutes PRIOR to the beginning of each Rabbit Session

Number of positions: 2 – Sat, 2 – Sun

  • Work with Ski Playground Liason to set up the Ski Playground by 9:45 am

Ski Swap/ AGM Volunteer (4 people)

Time Commitments: 2 – 8 hours

Number of positions: 1 for set up, 3 during the Sale

  • Work with other Program Volunteers and the Board of Directors to present program information, recruit members, and organize the selling of used equipment at the Annual AGM/ Ski Swap

Tourney Coordinators (3 people) for the End of Season Rabbit Tourney

Bunny Station Coordinator : 1 person

JackRabbit Station Coordinator: 1 person

Station Coordinator Time Commitment: 6 hours

Station Coordinators will forward by email instructions to all Station Volunteers about the station they have chosen/been assigned to and act as the main communication link for information about the Tourney with these volunteers.

They will ensure that all station volunteers understand how to run their station and will pick up the appropriate supplies from the SNSC office the morning of the Tourney.

The Station Coordinator will be responsible for spraying all the paint lines on the snow for the stations during the set up time.

They will move from station to station checking that all is running smoothly during the Tourney and assist if required.

Food Coordinator: 1 person

Food Coordinator Time Commitment: 9 hours

  • The Tourney Food Coordinator will liaise with the Program Chair and Session Coordinators and be responsible for acquiring food donations and organizing parent volunteers for set up, preparation and distribution of the food as well as clean-up.
  • Liaise with the MWAR Nordic Lodge regarding use of space, equipment etc.

Tourney Station Volunteers (45 people)

Activity Station Volunteer: 40+ people

Time Commitment: 3 hours

  • The Jackrabbit and Bunny Station Volunteers will receive an equipment list from their Tourney Station Coordinator and will be responsible for collecting the equipment required for the activity, setting up the station, supervising the activity and returning all equipment.

Food Volunteer: 6 people

Food Volunteer Time Commitment: 2 – 6 hours

  • Assist the Food Coordinator in gathering donations and cooking supplies, set up, preparation, serving and clean-up for the Tourney Lunch

Strathcona Nordic Ski Club