Coast Cup and Loppet

Coast Cup and Loppet 2018


2018 FINAL RACE NOTICE  – Coast Cup 5 & 6 and VI Loppet 

Register on Zone 4 – (confirmation list)

Team Relay Registration opens at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 7th.


COAST CUP #5, –  Saturday February 10th, 2018


Sprint Course Atom 100m

Sprint CourseBantam PeeWee 340m

Sprint Course  650 m


COAST CUP #6 AND VI LOPPET  –  Sunday February 11th, 2018

**Loppet route update: February 9th.  Maps have been updated! Check the SNSC board on the lower level of the Raven Lodge for printed copies.

Due to the closure of some Park trails an alternative Loppet Route has been planned.

The 15k and 30k routes will leave the stadium and proceed our Jutland, up the Grind, up Legacy, around Marmot flats and back down West Meadows and the Grind, then down Raven.

Half way back along Raven the course will take the mid Raven connector and climb back up to Jutland. At this point the 15k will turn right and return to the stadium along Jutland and the 30k will turn left and proceed for another loop up the Grind, Legacy, Marmot, West Meadows, and Raven, mid Raven connector back to Jutland and back to the stadium.

Note that there will be marshalled two way traffic on a 700m section of the lower grind.

Feed stations will be at the Hub and at the intersection of Raven’s and Jutland.

1.0 Km

2.5 Km and 5.0 Km

Loppet Half 15K

Loppet Full 30K



2 thoughts on “Coast Cup and Loppet”

  1. Good morning:
    Re: 2018 teck coast cup 5 and 6 vancouver island loppet Sunday Feb. 11 2018.
    I’d like to register for the 15 km loppet: 2018 teck coast cup 5 and 6 Vancouver Island loppet Sunday Feb. 11.

    According to the posted map on the web, the designated trails in the “park” region of Mt. Wash are currently closed because of excess water.
    Will the event be cancelled? How will I know?
    Will it be re-routed?
    If I register and it is cancelled, can I get a refund?
    Thank you, Dee

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